Ray Davis, Marty Funderburk & Wayne Haun/Songs for Darshan/LoJon Music/Curb Magnasong Music Publishing/Christian Taylor Music/BMI

Verse One: Jesus saw a woman drawing water | But what she needed wasn’t in that well | He gave her living water and said,
“ You’ll never thirst again” | She’d finally met the one | Who knew everything she’d done | And she said, “I’ve
just got to run and tell” |

CHORUS: I gotta run and tell what He’s done for me | I gotta spread the word | Till the world has heard | How He set me free | My feet pick
up the pace | When I tell about His grace | I can’t stand in just one place | I gotta run and tell ||

Verse Two: Paul was preaching to a crowd one morning | And in that crowd a crippled man was laid | He listened, and by faith, believed
the message he had heard | He leaped into the air | He left his crutches there | And ran to show the miracle God made ||


BRIDGE: I too was thirsty for that living water | And crippled by the sin in me until | I was touched by grace so freely given | And now I’ve
got to tell it | How can I stand still ||