Sonya Isaacs & Becky Isaacs Bowman/R.I. Bowman Music/Makem Smile Music/ BMI

Verse One: You’ve been hurt enough | You don’t know who to trust | And you’ve learned to hide the truth behind
your smile | You may have lost your faith | Somewhere along the way | You try so hard but won-
der if it’s all worthwhile | But God hears you even when you don’t know what to say ||

CHORUS: Pray anyway | Pray anyway | Cause He sees all your scars and He loves you as you are | You gotta just pray any-
way ||

Verse Two: You’re feelin so ashamed | With only you to blame | How could God forgive the things that you
have done | But He says come to me | I’ll give you joy and peace | And I know you feel like you’re not
good enough | You feel unlovable, unworthy and afraid ||

CHORUS 2: But pray anyway | Pray anyway | When you’re broken inside | And you’ve been
stripped of your pride | You gotta just pray anyway ||

BRIDGE: He’s bigger than the mountain or the problem you face | There’s nothing He can’t handle when
its covered by grace ||

CHORUS 3: Pray anyway |Pray anyway | When you’ve nothing to give | Don’t
have a reason to live | You gotta just pray anyway