Kenna West, Lee Black & Darryl Johnson/Dayspring Music/BMI/New Spring Publishing/ASCAP/Word Music LLC/ASCAP

Verse One: Sometimes I wonder how she gets through the day | With all she’s got on her plate | Working eight-to-four at
the mill | And going to school at night | The rent went up and the car broke down | The doctor's worried about
what they found | Still she tucks her kids in bed she says it’ll be alright ||

CHORUS: Cause she knows | God knows | How much we can bear | Tough breaks | Heartaches | We’ve all had our share | But when life
tests our faith | God offers amazing grace | And she knows | He knows | Just when we need it most ||

Verse Two: She’s got every reason for questioning why | But she’s trusting the One who cares when she cries | Cause even when it
don’t make sense | God understands | So she’s taking each day as it comes | Cause when it’s all said and done
| Whatever tomorrow brings has gotta pass through the Father’s hands ||