John Daniel Coe, Ray Davis & Don Holliman/Christian Taylor Music/BMI/Curb Magnasong Music Publishing/BMI/Songs for Darshan/BMI

Verse One: Sometimes, when life's a struggle | And you're feeling like there's no way out | 'Cause your hopes and dreams
seem so far away | When there's nothing but trouble | Just look beyond the shadows of your doubt | He'll show
you a brighter day ||

CHORUS: He already knows - just keep believing | He's already been there and he'll make
a way | He already knows - and He's interceding | Before we even start to pray | He already knows ||

Verse Two: Whenever circumstances | Won't allow your heart a moment's rest | And you shudder just to face another
night | But in your darkest hour | You can rest assured he knows what is best | And everything will be alright ||


BRIDGE: I will never leave you nor forsake you | Just keep holding on to what He said | He
is watching out for you in ways you can't imagine | Always one step ahead ||