Karen Harding & Amy Shellem/Christian Taylor Music/BMI (Admin. by Evergreen Copyrights)

Verse One: Lord, move these storm clouds from over my head | Cause I don’t even have the strength | To get up out of
my bed | The devil himself has been knockin on my door | I don’t know if I can take it, can’t take much more | I
need you to help me find some relief | Send me the dawnin’ of a new day please ||

CHORUS: He did | He gave me a brand new day | Yes, He did | Took my past
| He took it all away | He did | Give me peace that I cannot explain | Gave me testimony that I’ve gotta pro-
claim | There’s joy in my heart and I can’t keep it hid | Gotta tell everybody | Just what He did ||

Verse Two: Lord, take this trouble right out of my mind | Cause I don’t even feel like
I am gonna make it this time | Trouble itself is camping in my own backyard | Things are getting tough, yeah,
they’re getting real hard | I know that on my own I cannot stand | So keep me in the palm of Your precious
hand ||