Marty Funderburk & Belinda Smith/Christian Taylor Music/ BMI, a div. of Daywind Music (admin. Evergreen Copyrights)/ Seventh Row Music/BMI

Verse One: I’m only standing now because of mercy | I am nothing but a trophy of God’s grace | Poured out upon a soul so
undeserving | When on a cruel cross He took my place | Though many years of faith are now behind me | I have
not forgotten what my freedom cost | For every day I waken to new wonders | And that’s why I still glory in the cross ||

CHORUS: I still glory in the cross | The cross of Calvary | For I would still be lost | Had it not been for
that old rugged tree | Nothing I could do could ever pay redemption’s cost | But Jesus paid it for me | And the
cross still tells the story | That’s why I still glory in the cross ||

Verse Two: If everything I own were taken from me | All the things of earth that I hold dear | If I were left alone to face
tomorrow | I’d still have no cause to doubt or fear | For I’ve been laying treasures up in heaven | I’ve got wealth
this world can’t take away | My hope is built on sinless bloodshed for me | That still flows freely from the cross today ||