Kyla Rowland/Christian Taylor Music/BMI (admin. Evergreen Copyrights)

Verse One: How blessed it is to be His child | To know my soul will never die | To feel God's nearness every day | Enjoy His grace
all along the way ||

CHORUS: No one has ever loved me so | He proves he could not love me more

Refrain: Though I am loved by family | How blessed He's the One who died for me || How blessed that He hears my prayers
| His ear turned to my cries, my cares | Now, who on earth has power today | To take my burdens all away

Verse Two:
How blessed that His love for me | Was stronger than a cruel tree | If I should doubt, that's when I kneel | And look back to
Golgotha's Hill


BRIDGE: He loves me, oh He loves me